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Electronic Scoreboards Buying Guide Tips

Portable ScoreboardsSports Scoreboards: An important facet of selecting the right scoreboard for your favorite sports teams are the scoreboards modular components. There is nothing more tedious than trying to fix a scoreboard with time running out! By purchasing a scoreboard with plug-in modules, electronic scoreboard components can be quickly replaced; which means not only fewer broken parts, but also less maintenance costs.

Look for LED technology: LED (light emitting diode) displays offer LED scoreboard buyers many advantages over traditional bulb scoreboards. LED scoreboards operate on less power and can last decades longer without maintenance.

Football ScoreboardsFootball Scoreboards: Timing is Everything in Scoreboards. Make sure you don't disappoint your fans or your players with a scoreboard that does not meet modern timing standards. Coaches from pee-wee to the pros are demanding at least tenth of a second timing to give their team any advantage that they can. Both shot clocks, goal mounted game clocks and regular scoreboards should come equipped with proper timing functions.

Wireless ScoreboardsWireless Scoreboards: The Way to Go and Scoreboard's Wave of the future. Nothing is more unsightly than cables running from the announcers box to the scoreboard and back again. Thanks to wireless technology, you can make changes to your scoreboard remotely without all the fuss and muss. Scoreboards can now have installed wireless transmitters that can reach hundreds of feet to your new scoreboard and should be considered as an option for all new electronic scoreboard devices.

Basketball ScoreboardsBasketball Scoreboards: Scoreboard Control Panels and Consoles. The actual scoreboard itself is only half the scoreboard battle as it were. Many scoreboard control consoles come with an array of features that the operator will need to be trained on. Some important features to look for when purchasing your scoreboard system are waterproof scoreboard consoles and battery back up (to ensure optimum scoreboard uptime).

Baseball ScoreboardsBaseball Scoreboards: Consider Sponsor Panel Options for your Scoreboard. Times are tight, so why not sell advertising space on your new scoreboard. Sponsor panels on scoreboards give you the opportunity for your fans (and their dollars) to show their allegiance to your team or to commemorate those great players or contributors. Placing customer lettering and graphics on sponsor panels of scoreboards can make your scoreboard look extremely professional and can be something that your team and its fans are proud of for years to come.

Outdoor ScoreboardsOutdoor Scoreboards: Look for Great Support and Customer Service of Scoreboards. Purchasing a scoreboard is a necessary and essential part of a successful sports season. Since you have to look at that scoreboard the entire year, it's important that the scoreboard works when you want it to. Make sure that your scoreboard supplier provides installation support and customer service when things go wrong.

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